Best 2014 Holiday Dessert!

Its a massive kitkat!  Follow the picture instructions below to make your next party favorite dessert.  Everyone will be amazed and will want to know how can they make it.

best 2014

Gardening Ideas

Baking soda neutralizes the pH of the soil and nothing will grow there. Use baking soda around all of the edges of flower beds to keep the grass and weeds from growing in beds. Just sprinkle it onto the soil so that it covers it lightly. Do this twice a year – spring and fall. Preparing a yard or a small footpath in your home will just require one time effort but maintaining it in good shape do need some effort.  If you have got more area then you will be forced to hire a gardener. If you cannot afford the gardener then it will be very difficult for you to maintain the path. So the best way stops the unnecessary grass growing inside the separation of tiles or brick then the easiest way is to use the baking soda.

You can use the same method to make different designs in your lawn as well. By using the baking soda you can also make the eco-friendly of the footpath as well. You should keep in mind that nothing in your house should give an expression that you are not able to maintain it properly.  You should make best use of each inch of your house and decorate it. For example you can throw the baking soda inside the bricks which are at the center of the path but leave the corners. So the grass and weeds will keep on growing in the corners. Once the grass and weeds will be large enough then you can make the dressing and make the marvelous designs.

Gold Dotted Mousepad

The computer is the necessary part of any house. Most of the time due to wires and different cables our computer looks shabby. You will observe that most of the time you find your computer in a shape which destroys the overall outlook of the place. We do not concentrate much on placing the computer and the computer desk at the right place. Secondly we rely on the things which are easily available in the market. The photo given above shows that you can make your personal computer accessories more presentable. You can make a beautiful gold polka dot mouse pad with almost no time and expense. The material required to make a mouse pad are an old mouse pad or a simple cardboard. Spray paint to paint the mouse pad. You can use gold polka fabrics as well. Glue to stick the cloth, if you prefer cloth and do not want to use paint or multicolored sticking tape.

The procedure to make the gold polka dot mouse pad is fairly simple. By merely looking at the figure given above we can easily make out that how we can make the pad. Paint or cover the old mouse pad. Use the gold dots, as shown in the figure, and make an awesome gold polka pad. The figure and the post are just a guideline to make the gold polka dots mouse pad. You can add or subtract to make it more beautiful and attractive. While selecting the base color of the pad, do consider the shades of the computer desk and background.

Free Pattern: Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Harry Potter sorting hat is very popular among the kids. In cold whether it becomes a difficult job for mothers to convince the kids to wear the hats. In  this post I will tell you a simple recipe to make a beautiful harry potter sorting hat in a small time. The method to prepare a beautiful sorting hat as shown in the figure is pretty simple. The procedure is as follows;

One: First of all measure the size of the head.
Two: By using the protractor, on the boxes which are generally used for packing different goods.
Three: Use the cutter or a knife to cut the box.
Four: You can design the harry potter sorting hat, as shown in the figure.
Five: Use the duct taping to make different designs and bend the cone.
Best thing about a sorting hat is that first of all you make the desired design and then start sewing. Select a different color for boys and girls. If you are making the hat for the boy then select the colors like dark brown, gray. For baby girls you can select the pink, red etc. Colors. Even if you make a simple cone shape hat once it will bend down it will make awesome designs. The figure shows a simple cone-shaped hat but once it is placed at different places, it makes a different design every time. You can add multicolored, beads and buttons to make the hat more attractive. This post is a broad guideline for housewives who love sweing. You can add more styles and designs to make the hat more cute.

Make your own embossing folders–if you have a Cricut

Though we get a large variety of folders and files in the stationery stores. Still it happens that the type and designs which we are looking for, are not available. If we take an example of an embossing folder, there is a large variety available but it is hard to find one which is perfect design for you. So it is better not to waste time in searching for the right folder and make one at home.

If you have circuit then do not spend the money on the embossing folders because you can easily make them at home. Folders are among the stationery item which are used in the daily life. You can make the  dies at home. Circuits are easily available in the market. I used the Disney Mickey shape for making this embossing folder. You can use one or different patterns of the circuits in one embossing folder. You require a cereal box and a circuit. After seeing the picture we can easily make out that how to make the gorgeous embossing folder.

When you will start making this awesome folder then keep a few points in mind. As we can see in the picture that cereal box chipboard used to make the embossing folders While making it , it does create a waste or fluff  which starts gathering around the housing of the main circuit. This can affect the overall shape. By this technique you can make different greeting cards and files as well. After seeing the picture we can easily make out that how to make the gorgeous embossing folder.

Mosaic Mirror from Recycled Beer Cans

It is said that people who have a good aesthetic sense generally have the better observation. It is all your imagination which makes you a great painter, fine art specialist and interior designer. After reading this post you will also agree with me. I want to you to observe the figure given below with maximum concentration and try to extract the material used in this gorgeous wall decoration. By closely looking at the picture you must have known by now that the bluish material is basically recycled cans of the famous brand of beer. This wall decoration is very easy to make. In this post I will give you a guideline to make an awesome mosaic mirror from recycled beer cans.

We require the recycled beer cans. Sticking tape or we can make a simple frame to hold the recycled beer cans on it, s place. A beautifully cut mirror. We can see in the image that the frame is designed in a way that it appears that a large number of beer cans are joined together to make the background. It  also appears that a panel is cut into the wall and decoration pieces are placed inside the panel, which is wrong. All the things which we can see in the mirror are basically placed in the front of the mirror. You can make a rectangular or a circular shape as well. In the picture given above we can not see anything on the beer cans sheet here we can add some crystal.

The figure given above is just the guideline. You can adjust the size and the overall color of the mosaic mirror as per your liking.



A punk rock angel – Tutorial

How will you define the contemporary fashion? If somebody asks me this question then my answer is pretty simple. Fashions are something which is different from the others. The phrase, latest trends in fashion has vanished away. Just walk in the street and see how people are dressed up. You will not find even a single pair meaning by you will not be able to find two people dressed in a same way. I believe that it is the beauty of modern society and modern fashion. It gives you complete liberty and freedom that what to wear and what not.

The figure given above is a good example of the aforementioned Para. You can use the safety pins and make the awesome design. Not much material is required to make the fabulous punk rock angle. All you need is a pencil and safety pins of different sizes. Draw the punk angel on the shirt and simple attach the safety pins. You can use different color safety pins for different design. In photo you can see that I have used silver safety pins on black shirt. I will prefer golden pins on a white shirt.
Once you have used the punk rock angel design you can easily remove the safety pins and use the same on some other shirt. I do not end here you can use different beads and give different colors to the punk angel. If you love to have a colorful punk angel the use the beaded safety pins.

Grandparents Day Gift

A general research shows that when we humans grow older we get more inquisitive and sensitive. Our reactions are more delicate and emotional. Grandparents are keener to draw the message out of any gift. For grandparents the value of gifts is multiplied by the effort which you put in preparing the gift. A gift bought from the market or a gift store cost more but will get lesser appreciation from the grandparents then the one made by you.

If you really want to make your grandparents happy and you want to present a marvelous gift for your grandparents then I have a great recipe for you.
Material required:
One. Paper and cards of different color which are readily available in  routine home stationery.
Two. Small thread and crystal beads (to make the hairs and eyes, as shown in the picture).
Three. Computer and a printer.
Four. Scissor and a cutter.
Five. Colored pencils and glue.

Method to prepare the grandparent day card:
The picture given above show a simple example of an excellent greeting cards for the occasion. You can search online to get greetings and wishes or poetry or different quotes. The quotes which you will add in the gift  will matter a lot .You can include some emotional poetry or quotes which explains your love for the grandparent. Coming back to the procedure for making the gift. Draw the design on the paper or you can get the print. Cut the required parts of the design with scissor and glue the parts together. You can include  a cute drawing made by the grandchildren

Collaborative HAND ART project

Collaborative HAND ART project. Could be done in a classroom of students. Or make it a family project and have children collect one hand print design from each family member, then put them together for a family tree. This would be fun to do with children and grandchildren!

Material required:    
One.  A cardboard and a paper sheet for making the project.
Two. Water paint. Or any other point which is easily available in the market.
Three. Color pencils.
Four. Drawing paper.
If you are an art teacher then you can turn this project into a fun. I hope after reading this post you will get some time out for this project. Drawing materials and paints are the part of all the students. You can give them a drawing paper and ask then to take the sketch of their hand with pencils. You can make the pair and ask them to make sketch of each other’s hands. Then once the kids have painted their hands just collect the drawing papers and cut the painted part.
Draw a tree as show in the photo. On next day you can show them their collaborative painting. There is an easier way to do it. Make the kids to wear the gloves and just paste their hands on the required part of painted. This project will definitely find a great place in art project room. You can make this collaborative hand art into a family painting as well.Photos with this collaborative art will definitely remind you some great time once you will see the painting in years to come.

DIY ~ Recycling containers with crochet.

Crochet is a process of creating fabric from , thread or other material stand using crochet hook. You can use the recycling containers and make recycling containers with crochet, you can make  treat pots, for Easter egg hunt basket, and store random things likes pens, color like crayons, coins and other little things that mostly children have.

Things you need:-
One. Old plastic jar
Two. Crochet or thread
Three. drilling machine.
Four. Scissor
Five. A stapler and sticking tape.
It is made with old plastic jar, shampoo bottle and old plastic bottle. The advantage of these plastic jars are that they are beautiful and strong, hence ideal for kids.Take a plastic container. You can make the hole with a regular hole puncher. If you have something like a small drilling machine that you can use to drill holes and make sure that your crochet can pass through the holes you drill.

The method to start is just crochet into holes all the way around the container. You can start with a single crochet into each hole by pulling  the thread  through holes and make a second loop on hook. You can get different shapes. They are so beautiful and easy to make. These are very cheap as they are made from old used plastic containers. You can decorate these with painting, stickers. These can be easily hanged and can be carried out easily.You can place the feeder and small item necessary for the kids in the recycling containers with crochet.Your kids will love using the homemade recycling containers with crochet.

This is genius! Love this lego travel box!

This would save me from all the legos all over my van!What is the best use of the lego boxes as shown in the photo below.The title of the post says it all.If you have kids and want to keep your car scratch less than you need to give them something which will engage them in a healthy activity while traveling. We have many boxes but they go wasted. Some packed foods also offer very good gifts.We can use these boxes to make them awesome Lego boxes.  You will have a lot of fun while making the lego box.You can use the boxes to make these simple boxes into lego  box which are ideal for traveling. The photo is self explanatory.While cutting the base of the of the lego box, carefully measure the length. The procedure to make the lego box is as follows;

One. Measure the size and cut the Lego box. Make sure that you get the maximum length. While cutting, cutting through the holes will be a lot easier than cutting through the  bumps.
Two. Glue the lego on the flap of the box, show in the picture.Kids usually handle the toys roughly so make sure that you use a good quality glue.
Three. Place the blocks inside the box and close it.

Write the first alphabet of your kid,s name on the lego and present it to your good.I am sure that your baby will the cute little lego box.You can add or subtract as per your style and choice.



Arty Wooden coat rack.

It even looks like art when there’s nothing hanging on it. The coat rack part is kind of a surprise. Wooden coat rack. We can get the wooden coat rack in the markets but it will cost too much. A figure given below shows that how we can make a fabulous wooden coat rack. The best thing about the wooden rack given below shows that the rack looks awesome even if you do not hang the coats on them. What all is needed to create such an artistic wooden rack? Nothing much. Just needs some plank , nail , hammer and little sticks, of a shape given in the photo. The world is full of competition. If we buy a rack and it is also bought by our family friends as well then rack loses half of it,s price. You must be thinking how? The answer is pretty simple, the decorative things need to be very different from the other. So you need to think out of the box to make the things which are different from one those of others. The figure given above shows that the racks are easy to make and they are of low expense.

To conclude, the figure given above is an example of great output with little effort. The photo is a broad guideline. You can add or subtract to make the wooden coat rack more artistic. For example you can use the spray paint and give versatile color to the rack. I hope you will try the recipe of making art wooden coat rack.

Beautiful cardigan

What is the first thing which you keep consider while selecting a Beautiful cardigan? Well for me no matter how beautiful the cardigan sweater is if it doesn’t fit well with my body then I can’t wear it no matter how it is cool designe. So the cardigan sweater, as shown in the figure given below, should fit well and it should look like that it is made for you. It should appear that your body is taken as a frame for the cardigan sweater. The figure given above is an example of beautiful cardigan sweaters. There are many types of sweaters, you can use on different type of sweaters for different occasions.

Generally long-sleeved sweater is used for the parties at night. They are comfortable and warm. They are also made to fit well for your size. Short sleeve cardigan sweater is never out of the fashion. These are among the few types of men and women’s clothing which never looks outdated as compared to the latest fashion. Especially once we talk about the formal or office dresses for both men and women, half sleeve sweater is the first choice.

Any women will not like the weather affect their dressing and contemporary fashion. Previously weather was playing a greater role to dictate the women, what to wear and what not to wear. Different designs and shapes of beautiful cardigan sweaters have solved this problem. Now men and women can remain away from the hardships of the weather yet  we can enjoy the liberty of wearing whatever we want to wear. Try beautiful cardigan if you have not tried one, yet.

Different types of leaves of beads

Different types of leaves of beads of the apparel works of needlework are beadwork. A bead is a material which has no limit in choice of color and shapes.    Handmade craft refers to the making of something decorative or more beautiful with experience and aesthetic skills.  Beadwork is often used as a creative hobby. Leaves made from beads looks gorgeous. Beaded leaves come in many shapes and sizes and they are easy to make. You can make them easily and it will take almost no times. You will really have a fun. Beaded eaves can be used in many different ways like clothes, purses, hair accessories etc.

This is a very easy and simple technique, which can be handled by a beginner. Today we will learn how to make leaves of beautiful beads at home with your own hands.
For creation of wonderful beaded leaves, you need

One. Beads of different colors.
Two. Wire
Three. Thread
Four. Scissor
Five. A  wire cutter

Choose a  wire OF adequate thickness and the beads such that the wire is passed through the hole of the beads. You can select a wire with you can make different shapes and designs. They do not require a particular equipment. With a little training, you can make the different types of beaded leaves. These can be put in a vase and can be used in hairs. You can create a stylish hair piece or pin. The figure given above is just a guide mine. You can add and subtract to make the beaded leaves more attractive.

Felted Wool Dryer Balls

If you love those homemade things then you can have a lot of fun. It refers to the making of something decorative or more beautiful with experience. Dryer Ball is a very easy to make and all the materials you will need are easily available. If you want to save money and time, there is an easy way to do this.  You can make them easily and it will take almost no times. You will really have a fun. If you are a housewife and you are getting bored then I have an interesting hobby for you
Today we will learn that how to make beautiful dryer balls at home with your own hands.

Following material are required:-
One. Woolen thread of white color.
Two. Pantyhose
Three. Crochet needle
Four. Scissor
The basic method to start the dryer balls by wrapping strand of woolen threads around your fingers. Pull the thread from finger and punch together in the center and tight from the middle. Start wrapping and make a shape of a ball. Cut the yarn and thread it from a crochet needle. Push the ball down into the toe of the panty hose leg. Tie a square knot using a piece of dental floss. Wash the balls on the hottest setting of your machine. Dry them and place the dryer balls inside the towel. The photo given above is self explanatory. You can add or subtract as per your own choice and style. If you have not tried the felted woolen dryer ball, must try it.

Gift Bows

Have you ever try in this way to decorate your packages before? This is DIY rapping ideas. This is very simple and beautiful method of tying the bow to the packages. The figure given below is just an example. You can select the bow and the packages of your own liking. You can use the techniques on the ties, napkin and girl flowers etc.. Different bows are meant for different occasions. For example a pyramid bow at the back of the chair on the events like weddings, birthday parties, can be a great idea.

The figure or photo given above shows that how we can tie the pyramid bow. In this post I will briefly explain the method  and will teach you how easy it is to tie your packages with a pyramid bow. The sequence starts from the left .Just place the package on the ribbon as shown on the leftmost picture. Then fold the ribbon back and turn it over as shown in the middle package of the figure. Tie the notch. At the end, cut the corners to make an excellent design. It is said that first impression is the last expression. So once you will present the gift with a beautiful ribbon then it would multiply the preciousness of the gift. The pyramid bow is one of the most loveable bows and it is very easy to learn. Just one or two practices will make you an expert to tie the bow. Add beaded pins and small flowers to make the package more beautiful.

A cute little note book

Hi friends! Are you ready to learn something new and some thing exciting.I hope yes.Do you love to keep a note-book with you. A little note-book can be very useful.You can take the short hand notes of your boss,s instruction.You can use this note-book to note different cooking recipes.You can take the cute little note-book to the grosser store so that you should not miss any thing.The photo given below shows a cute little note-book.In this post i will tell you how we can make such an attractive and stylish note-book at home.

Material required. We do not need a long list of the material to make this cute little note-book.What all we need is some designer paper cards which are readily available in the market. Make a die for the note-book, as shown in the picture are place all the papers in order and draw the design.You can select the design of the note-book at your own.If you are making the note-book for kids then you can use a different set of colors. Cut through the die with a great care to maintain smoothness and softness of the corners of paper.Use the puncher to make the hole at one side.A twenty five to thirty page little cute note-book is preferred because it will be easy to make it cute. Make a beautiful design with the beads or the clips as shown in the picture as well.I hope by now you will able to learn that how you can create such a lovely note-book.

18 Ways to Deep Clean Your Home

Some really good ideas, pick one a day until the list is done.. If you want the things to be done in the systematic way then it is better that you make a list of all the things and repeat completely. This is the best way to keep the home clean. Generally we use the kitchen so much that we are required  to keep clean for the complete day.

One.  Wipe off the top of your cabinet, shelves and drawers.
Two. Wash dishwasher and clean inside it.
Three. Clean the light
Four.  Wash the filter for your range hood
Five.  Clean out the fridge
Six. Wipe down your microwave, oven
Seven. Clean your freezer. Throw old food

House-Cleaning 1
# Now on to the bathroom
Eight.  Use a piece of aluminum foil to remove stuck on gripped decals
Nine.  To clean your shower, try a little Vaseline rubbed on and then cleaned with soap and water.
Ten.  Wash the tiles

# Now rooms
Eleven. Wipe down the legs of all chairs
Twelve. Clean all show pieces, lamp
Thirteen. Clean all the furniture. Like sofas, tables, beds, dressing table
Fourteen. Set your all dress
Fifteen. Dusting of the fans
Sixteen. Wipe down door handles and light switches
Seventeen. Clean the front and back of all the doors in your home
Eighteen. Clean your couch. Vacuum off pet hair and remove the cushions to vacuum.

I hope that you will get almost all the parts and important things done. You can distribute the list with a few days as well. I have created the list, keeping in mind the average household item. You can add or subtract in your own list.

Lovely candles so pretty!

Candles were the only mean of light before the invention of electricity. The art of making the candles is quite ancient. Historically the candles were made from wick inside the wax. In the present world though people are not much dependent on the candles for light but still the candle making is a great industry. It will be hard to find any grocery store with candles of different colors, shapes and designs. In restaurants we see the use of candles in a very aesthetic way. If you want to show your love and sincerity to the loved ones then give them a candle light dinner. It is one of the most romantic way of showing the love. You will be astonished to know that the photo shown below can be easily made in your home. You can adopt the candle making as your hobby.

The materials require to make the candles are as follows;
One. Double boiler.
Two. Wax.
Three. Candle mold.
Four. Wick material.
Five. Coloring gents, a heating place, crystal bead and ribbons.
Other then the material mentioned above, you can add or subtract to make the specialized candles. Following simple steps are required to make the gorgeous homemade candles.
One. Cover the mold with the release agent and place them in a neat place.
Two. Place two-inch water in the boiler.
Three. Put the wax in the boiler.
Four. Once the wax melts, carefully put it inside the mold. You can add the coloring agent before the putting the melted wax in the mold.
Five. Let the candle to get hardened and get a spectacular homemade candle.

Recycling containers with crochet. Fantastic idea.

Containers of the packed food and drinks are generally thrown away as a garbage. If you are thinking about making homemade utility things then these containers can be very useful. With a little effort and time you can turn the useless containers into pencil bags, blocks bagels or even the beauty bags.You do not need much of techniques and expertise to turn the spare recycled containers into the bags as shown in the photo tagged below.

Things you need:-
One. An old plastic jar
Two. Crochet or thread
Three. Small drilling equipment
Four. Scissor
Five. A stapler and sticking tape.
It is made with an old plastic jar, shampoo bottle and old plastic bottle. The advantage of these plastic jars is that they are beautiful and strong, hence ideal for kids. Take a plastic container. You can make the hole with a regular hole puncher. If you have something like a small drilling machine that you can use to drill holes and make sure that your crochet can pass through the holes you drill.

The method to start is just crochet into holes all the way around the container. You can start with a single crochet into each hole by pulling  the thread  through holes and make a second loop on hook. You can get different shapes. They are so beautiful and easy to make. These are very cheap as they are made from old used plastic containers. You can decorate these with painting, stickers. These can be easily hung and can be carried out easily. You can place the feeder and small item necessary for the kids in the recycling containers with crochet. You can add different beads and crystal to make the crochet bags more attractive.

Makes your cork board prettier!! Glue buttons to Push Pins

Cork board is popular among kids and teens. Kids use them to paste their favorite cartoon characters whereas teenagers pastes the picture of their ideal celebrities .They are expedient at school, office and also in the kitchen. Decorative cork board makes great presents.If you want to make noticed board, glue button cork board is perfect. Kids need someplace to hang their artwork .It would be a great birthday  if we present them an own unique board. It is a very easy to make and all the materials you will need are easily available.

Things you may need:-
One. Staple gunv
Two. Frame
Three. Glue
Four.  Faber
Five. Thumbtacks or thumb pins
Six. Different color’s buttons
Seven.  Scissors
You can make a decorative cork board with in no time .If you love the homemade things then you can have a lot of fun. You can make simple or cut flowers and stick them to the frame. To make a fabric cork board simply cover the frame with cloth. This is very easy to do if you have staple gun. While selecting the color of cloth, keep the color or wall or background in your mind. Make sure that there are no wrinkles on the board. To make the thumbtacks more attractive, you can attach buttons. Take buttons and simply stick them to the thumbtack’s head. Fold the edges over neatly and secure with thumbtacks.
You will love designing your own version of cork board. You may decorate it with favorite character of the kids.So try it and make it your own cork board.


Generally we spend a lot of  money in buying the stuffed toys. They are made with cloth, fur of different animals or artificial fur and hairs of animals.   In present time it is hard to find a kids room without the cute toys. People love to keep them in their cars as well.   Especially girls love to have stuffed animal. Foam stuffed animals are also used as a cushion. You will be astonished to know that you can make the beautiful spoinki at your home. The figure given below shows a cute little spoinki which you can easily make at home. Confused! The picture is self explanatory.

First of closely look the cute little animal at left to. See the different design present in the other portion of the photo. These are basically the part of cloth which you need to cut for making cute little spoinki. Once you are over with cutting then sewing the parts as shows in the figure.  If you know a bit about sewing the cloth then you can easily make out how you can sew different  part of the cloth making the cute little animal.  Use the buttons to make beads to make the eyes. The figure given above is just a guide you can add and subtract to make the cute little animal more beautiful. Once you are over with the sewing, use the hairs, which are easily available in the market, to  make the animal more beautiful.  You can use one color or multiple colors to make the spoinki more attractive.  Once you will be able to make the sponki then you can make other animals as well.

The apron for the dress is made using one of the petals from the Blossom Punch

Homemade apron for the dress  is one of the most admired homemade things.  It is not only the most useful and liked because of its usage but the but it look very beautiful.  Once we talk about the do it yourself decorating pieces and utility devices then we should keep in mind the a few points. The homemade apron or any other utility should not look out-of-place.  We should place the utility devices where we can use maximum use out of them.  Once we design the homemade apron for dress then we should design it a way that it can be used as decoration piece and utility devices as well. Selection of colors is very important.  So while designing the apron for the dress with the help of petals from the blossom punch, observe the background and ideal color combinations.

The figure given above shows that how the apron for the dress to look like.
One. Base card with three different colors
Two. Printed and simple card paper
Three. Buttons
Four. Ribbon
Five. Scissor
The apron for the dress is made using one of the petals from the Blossom Punch. Cut the card paper in  the way that they look same  in all the corners. Take a small plate or you can use double-sided tape and make a semi-circle on the top of the corner. Cut away the semi-circle. Your apron is almost done. The color combinations and designing given in the above pasted photo are just a broad guideline. Add and subtract as per your style and the choice. You can select your favorite colors.

Holding Christmas cards

There is no end to home decor and interior decorating. When you have nothing to do in your home than you are actually thinking in a wrong direction.  There are many things in the house that can be presented and decorated in a lot better way.   Just take the example of a our Christmas card. We love to receive the Christmas cards and try to preserve the memories and their love but out of ten, nine cards are lost.  So till the time you will not keep the cards in front of you, you will keep on losing them.  In the picture given below you can see that how you can preserve the Christmas cards received from the loved ones. 

Material required:
One. Clothespins or the catchers used to hold the cloth.
Two. Green paint or spray paint. You can select the overall color of holders.
Three. Wire
Four. Wire cutter
Five. Needles
Six. Some red AND GREEN beads.
Seven. A red ribbon. You can use any ribbon.                                                                                   Eight. Colored cards and colored markers.
How to make a Christmas card holder:-
First of all paint clothespins with green paint . For shining, you may use  green spray paint.
Take the wire and make it circle. String 1 red bead then one pin. Put 2 green beads, then one pin. Continue to join red bead, painted pin, green bead, painted pin, red bead and painted pins throughout the wire. When the circle completes join the wire ends together or you can tie with thin wire. Now tie ribbon as shown figure and join with wire. Be proud of yourself because Your Christmas card holder is prepared with your hand. I hope you found the post useful.

Plant Marker, 25 Things You Can DIY With Corks

Today I am going to share with this awesome tips with every one. Every woman loves has own garden plant favorite flower. Here are some tips for how make a awesome decoration with recycle corks.

One. Stamps: draw a shape or sign which you like on the end of your corks.
Two. Crock planters: Make a hole in the corks, plant it with some soil .
Three. Cork balls: Take a ball and paint it then use  hot glue to cover it in cork.
Four. Cork key chains: Put a screw into a key chain ring, and then join it with a cork.
Five. Cork Coasters:
Six.  Cork letter: Make a letter base with cork sheet. Glue the corks. Cut corks to fit  into any remaining gap.
Seven. Cork card holder
Eight. Cork rivet: this is very easy to make and have a lot of fun.take a glue and join the corks together until you have the desired size
Nine. Cork bath mat: Take a shelf liner. Cut corks in half and glue them to a shelf liner.
Ten. Cork plant marker: Take a cork and write a plant name on it. Make a hole by drill machine.
Eleven. Cork chess knife:
Twelve cork candles: join the candles into the cork
Thirteen. You can use cork as a candle votes.
Fourteen. Also use as a neck wear.
Fifteen. Spray paint a frame and join the corks, you can make cork board.
Sixteen. May you make  cork knobs
Seventeen. To can use them as wine charms.
Eighteen. Cork can be use as a lampshade.
Nineteen. You may use as fridge magnets
Twenty.  You can also make photo frame
Twenty one. Cork pen are easy to make.
Twenty two. Make different types of wood toys.
Twenty two. To can make different types of toys.
Twenty three. You can make different wreath with corks
Twenty four. Corks are also used as a thread spool.
Twenty five. You can easily make embroidered cork necklace and some simple jewelry.

DIY: crochet coin purses

Men or women, purse are a common accessory. The figure given below show some design of beautiful crochet coin bags. You can make a purse of any size, shape or color. If you are looking to opt a hobby then making the crochet coin purses can be a very good hobby.    Once we see different design of crochet coin purses in the grocery stores, we feel like buying them. Crochet coin purses which are easily available in the market  but in high prices can be easily made at home.

It is not difficult to make the crochet coin purse. First of all you need to make a sketch of the pattern in your or on paper. Making the design on the paper is preferred as you can add the detail and there is no fear of missing anything. While making the sketch, the scale and size should be precise so that once you start the actual bag, you get the patterns which are well thought out by you. While making the sketch you can draw the handle as well. Do not worry if you are not good at sketch making or drawing. You can search for latest design online. Get the print and dimensions of the purse.
A good hobby is the one which benefits you by one way or another. We spend a lot of money in the crochet coin purse. By making the design crochet coin purse at home we can spend the money spent in buying on the crochet coin purse on the something else.

Such a cute quilt!

While buying the quilts for a the babies what all things you consider. If you ask me then I consider that whether the quilt is durable or is soft or not. A soft, small and light quilt is the best for the kids. But when we buy the quilt for the kids then generally we do not get the perfect designs. Be rest assure that if your quilt has not got a cute design then it will be very difficult for you convince you kids to get into those quilts. Secondly you do not get the perfect quilt cover. The figure given below shows an excellent and a cute quilt design.

The design shown in the photo can be easily made at home. What you need is to buy a simple cover from the market.    You can make the simple quilt cover at the home as well. If you have the sewing machine at home then is better to make quilt covers at home because you may not a get quality cloth for ready made quilt cover. Secondly if you get the good quality cloth quilt covers then they are very expansive. So it is better to get a good quality cloth and make the quilt cover at home.
The figure given above shows you a beautiful design of the quilt. These design are made up of the simple cloths. Just look for the old cloths which you do not like to wear. Cut the square pieces and make the design as shown in the picture.

Yellow Umbrella Designs: A simply elegant Congratulations

Yellow Umbrella Designs: A simply elegant Congratulations.Just think for a moment! You needed to buy a greeting card but you forget to buy one. You do not want to give the impression that you have not bought the greeting card from the best store available in the town. You need the finesse of the printing machine. You will be astonished to know that the card given below, can be made at home.

The elegant congratulation card, as shown in the photo is an easy tone on tone card. Just select the unused medallion stamp. Endorse the stamp on the card with an ink of your choice and color. Embosse the black cardstock .You can add the ribbon and the ribbon clip to make the card more attractive. Once we talk about the card making at home then the most important thing is the occasion. For example if you want a card for parents day or grandparents day then you should prefer the homemade card which should look like homemade. Once your parents or grandparents receive the card then they should come to know by merely seeing the card that you have made the card to your hand. But at the same time if you are looking for a wedding anniversary or valentine day card then you need the smoothness and finesse of machine printed greeting card. So while selecting the design and the type of card, especially the one made at home, do consider the person and the event for which you are looking to give a card.

love this wall quilt.

If you really want to look different and do something different than this post is for you. Most of the women learn the art of sewing very early. If you a little bit about the sewing then I can tell a great recipe to make the awesome and beautiful art quilt for the wall. Making a wall quilt as shown in the photo given below, is not much difficult to make. The material required to make the fabulous quilt for the wall are fabrics, cotton, cotton blends, silks, tulles etc.

If you know about the quilting and sewing then the aforementioned requirements may not be strange for you. The design given above is just a guideline. You can search for diverse quilt design online to select the one of your choice. You require a sewing machine and threads of different colors to make the awesome design. The sewing thread should exactly match with the color of the fabric or cloth. Another important consideration is the quality of the fabric. All the effort can go for six if you do not have quality fabric for the quilt.

If you have the sewing experience then you must know the importance of the color combination. The heavy quilts are difficult to maintain and wash. A light weight quilt for the wall should be preferred. The design given in the photo is made up some used clothes. The hearts are cut and sewed on the wall quilt. Do not make the complex design for quilts for walls,

Best blanket stitch

Blanket stitch is one of the most strong and adorable stitch. When we see to it then we may thing that it is too strong and will be very difficult to make. Most of the women think that the blanket stitch is difficult. If you want to learn this awesome stitch then this post is for you as in this post I will explain you how easy it is to make  the afghan or blanket stitch. The figure given below shows that how the afghan or blanket stitch look like.

The blanket or afghan style is achieved as follows,
One. Make the foundation row with the multiple of three chains. Once we talk about the one chain then it is the twelve repetitions.
Two. Now make the double crochet in the number three chain from the hook.
Three. In third step leave the second chain and make one SC in the next chain.
Four. Make two double crochet in the same chain.
Five. Repeat the above mentioned steps from I ending with I sc in the last ch, turn.
Six. Now you need to again skip the next double chain, make one single chain and two double chain and in the next single chain.
Seven.Repeat the process across the ending with one single chain in the top of the number two chain.
If you know the basics of crochet I believe you would have learned at least bit about the blanket chain.The blanket stitch is simple, adorable, smooth and beautiful.It will not give look of traditional crochet techniques.

charm and link bracelets

If you love wearing the bracelets then wearing a religious bracelet can be a great idea. They are thought to have some religious power behind them. The figure given below shows the photo, which explains the best title. Some of the bracelets which have any religious or cultural values are kept by the families which keep on transferring to the generations. The figure given below shows one of the handmade religious bracelets. The bracelets shown in the photo can be easily made at home. All you require are the simple ingredients of the bracelet. The material required to make the stylish and attractive bracelets are as follows;

One. A simple homemade bracelet.
Two. Bracelet thread which can be made from the fabric present in the home. You can extract the fabric from many old bracelets as well.
Three. Beads
You can buy a simple bracelet and turn it into an awesome religious bracelet or you can  make a simple bracelet and then add the cross and other parts. The bracelet shown in the figure is a big example of the phrase the do it yourself to get the best. There are a few things which look awesome when you will wear them in groups. So you can make the bracelets and gift them to friends. Wearing the bracelet within the group in the party would be a great idea. Bracelets are among the few accessories which  will remain the part of contemporary fashion. The religious bracelets can never be outdated among the contemporary fashion accessories.

Make trees with India ink

The one who doesn’t know much about the art, especially the abstract art can not be able to predict the true price of the art piece. The figure given below shows a painting which seems to be a painting of an expert painter. If you will find it in an art gallery then their are all the chances that you may pay a handsome amount of cash, for this piece of art. You will be astonished to know that the painting given below and many other paintings of the same type can be easily made at home. You need not to be an expert artist to make the painting In this post I will tell you that how you can make this beautiful piece of art at home. The material required to make the painting are the painting paper, watercolor, some water and straw. You can get the colored background paper or you can easily make the background as shown in the picture.

As I mentioned before as well that you need not to be an expert painter to make the painting. Just make the paper wet. Put the ink on one side of the sheet (to make the stem for the branches of a tree) and blow the air with the help of straw. You will see that the ink distributes on a paper in a way that it makes the branches of a tree. Let the paper to get dry up. Now you can place the painting in a gorgeous frame and display it in your home. Add the leaves to make the branches more attractive.

Manicure in a jar – cute Christmas present ideas!

Manicure in a jar – cute Christmas present ideas! Readily available gifts are expansive and a repetition of the ideas. If you want to show the love from the core of your heart then I have a great idea for you. This gift is especially for your baby girl because it is adorable, useful and cute. The photo given below is a self-explanatory, still I will tell you some easy steps which help you to make the beautiful manicure in a jar, gift. Ladies if you are looking to make the aforementioned gift then note down the material required to make the gift.

The materials required as follows;
One. Jar
Two. Nail polish and little bottle of polish remover
Three. Hand cream
Four. Cotton button
Five.  Glue
Six. Scissors.
Seven. Cotton.
Eight. Nail file, clippers
Nine. Wrapping paper
The simplest procedure to make the awesome gift is as follows;
Take the carton and make small ball then put them in the jar. Put the nail polish and lipstick remover inside. Drop everything else inside. Put the top on the jar. It is done and you’re ready to decorate it. Take a wrapping paper and make a flower and  add some glitters. If your flower will be done then use  felted flower to place them on the top of the jar. You can also add ribbon around the jar. The procedure is just a simple. You add or subtract to make it more beautiful and attractive. You can add or subtract some crystal beads and ribbons to make the gift beautiful. When you are presenting the gift on Christmas, then add a ribbon related to the Christmas.

Make a natural spider killer or preventer!

If you are allergic of insect like me. If the insect bothers you a lot then this blog post is especially meant for you. There are some certain conditions and weather which help the insects to grow. As we know that insect are not only injurious to health but they bother the kids a lot. There are few insects which will create trouble for you even if you have touched them unintentionally. The spider is among the insect which bothers almost everybody especially the women and girls.
In this blog post I will give you a formula to make the natural spider killer. You need not to buy anything extra. The ingredients are the ones which we normally use in our routine life.

All you need to make the natural insect killer are as follows;
One. Vinegar.
Two. Cayenne pepper.
Three. Soap.
Four. Oil.
The steps involved in making the natural insect killer or preventive formula are as follows;
One. To make the mixture of one cup vinegar, one cup of pepper powder , one teaspoon of oil and  the liquid soap.
Two. Put all the mixture in the spray bottles which we generally use for the dusting.
Three. If there are lots of spiders and you think that they cannot be controlled by the spray then you can wash the floor with the mixture.
Normally we spend the lot of money on the chemicals but still we do not get the required results. By using this homemade formula, your expenditure will be zero and the outcome or output will be remarkably better than expansive insect killers.

Family Fingerprint Ornament

This is great idea of DIY gift. I love my family and I am really thanks God that I was born in my parents family. We do have lots of family photo but this fingerprint ornament we haven’t done it before until today. I am going to show you how to do it. As a picture it is simple and lovely. source


Ingredient Required:
One. Clay
Two. Wax paper
Three. Clay roller
Four. Cutter
Five. A plastic straw which we normally use for the juices and cold drinks.
Six.  Silver crayon OR spray paints
Seven. Ribbon
Eight. Oven
Nine. Sheet

How to make:-
Take a small amount of oven baked clay. Paste or knead it until it becomes soft enough to work with. Place wax paper. Take the clay and roll it with clay roller. Roll it until it becomes thick. Make a shape as shown in the picture. Cut the marked clay with cutter. You may use a cookie cutter to cut out different shapes. Take a straw  to make a hole in each of the ornament for hanging. Bring it to any family gathering and get the finger prints. Place the clay coins on a sheet. You can add letter  to ornament by stamping letters. You could also stamp the years, date or birthdays or memorable occasions as well. Once you have done all, place the sheet in the oven and bake. Mostly clay only takes 15 to 20 minutes to harden. Then cool it. Once the ornaments have cooled, take a crayon and lighter color in the family finger print. You can also use spray paint. Tie with ribbon and they are ready to present.
You can also make fingerprint ornament by using this method.
. 2 cups of flour
. A cup of salt
Mix them with cold water until the mixture has the consistency of play dough. Finally bake it for two hours at 250 and spray with metallic paint.