How to Make a Draped Vest from Your Old T-shirts

Do you ever have those old shirts that have lived past their glory days? Do you have too much shirts that you don’t really use anymore? Do you like making new stuff from your old clothes? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this article might be interesting for you!

We all have those shirts that we don’t really use. Whether because you have too many shirts, it doesn’t fit, or the shirt is too loose or too tight, you can breathe new life to that shirt by turning it into a vest, with just a few simple procedures.

Get a scissor, or any other cutting instrument that may serve the purpose, and a pencil (a piece of chalk is good too). Why mark? So you can make sure that you are cutting properly. Carefully mark the portions of the sleeve that you wish to cut off, and then proceed to cut it off with the scissors. Then make a line from the center of the neckline towards the bottom of the shirt. Proceed to cut. You may want to make diagonal lines from the bottom of the shirt for a more draped effect. Don’t forget to remove frayed strings that may appear when you are cutting the cloth. Once done, you should be able to have something that looks like the image below.

See? Its that simple. As always, be careful when handling scissors ESPECIALLY when around children, and children doing this task must always be supervised by an adult.

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