DIY Chunky Scarf

If you’re just starting out with knitting or crocheting, actually finishing a project can be agonizingly difficult. When I was a beginner, I thought my fairly simple project– a scarf for winter– would never end. It didn’t help that I started making them near the end of autumn and I needed a winter scarf as soon as possible, or risk frostbite!

Here’s a simpler (and quicker) way to make a chunky scarf for the colder seasons:


Scarves – You need three at the minimum! Ideally ones that are similar in color and make would be best, but scarves with different colors and patterns would look really interesting, too– just make sure the colors all complement each other. The most important thing though, is that they all must be the same length!

Hair ties or scrunchies – Ideally the same color as the scarves.

Lay out the scarves side by side. Tie them together with the scrunchie so that they don’t move around, which would make them difficult to work with. Once they’re secured, lift the leftmost scarf over and across the middle one, then the rightmost scarf over and across them both, repeating the process until you come up to the ends of all the scarves. Tie off the ends with another scunchie, and you have a warm, cozy new winter scarf! You can mix and match a variety of scarves this way, to come up with different results. This makes yoru wardrobe seem much bigger than it actually is, and if you get tired of a particular combination– or when the season is warmer– you can simply unbraid them and use them as normal!

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