DIY Sleeping Bag for Babies

I’ve often noticed that parents with newborns have a hard time socializing, because they can’t just leave their baby behind for someone else to take care of. It’s even harder to take the baby with them, because not everybody has a crib ready for their infant to use! This DIY sleeping bag for babies is both easy to make and easy to carry– since it’s made out of fabric, you can fold it away and keep it in a small purse. You only need to take it out when the baby needs to nap or sleep. Isn’t that useful? And since we’ll be using a no-sew method for this, all you need to make it is fabric!

Make sure to choose a hypoallergenic fabric that’s best for babies to use. Actually, if you have extra baby blankets you don’t mind repurposing for the sleeping bag, that works, too! Ideally, the fit should be snug, so measure the fabric accordingly. Cut out two pieces and proceed to cut the edges of the fabric: about an inch and a half long and half an inch apart should do. After that, all you need to do is tie the ends of the front and back pieces together to form the sleeping bag! You can use a larger fabric and make longer cuts so you can make allowances for when the baby starts growing, so that you can keep using the same fabric even through the growth spurt. Washing and reusing will also be easy since the sleeping bag is made out of cloth. Convenient, right?


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