Tie Rubber Bands Around a Paint Roller Unique Paint

Do you want to know how to create a unique effects in painting your wall? Avoid buying expensive things to decorate your place! Try to do it yourself. There is nothing to worry about and  you can save money at the same time!

Interested? well then, let’s start the magic! :)

1. Prepare the things you need for this task. The paint, ruler brush, rubber bands,  and the wall you wanted to put the design on.

2. First thing you need to do is to clean the wall or any surface you want to paint. Make sure its clean enough so that the paint will not easily get damage for a short time.

3. Then prepare the paint, mix it well and make sure the color is not weird to be painted on the wall. But its up to you if you like though. :)

4. Its now time to form a pattern you like to have while you are painting. Get the rubber bands and tie it on the ruler brush according to the pattern you wanted to have. You can definitely choose whatever you like, the size, the length, the design.

5. If everything is prepared, you can now start to paint the surface. Slowly roll up and down the ruler and see the amazing effect  of your made design.

6. For better result, do not overlap the design you created so it will not look so disturbing in eyes.

7. Give time and allow your painted wall to dry.

8.You can add picture frames and painting on the wall if its dry already. Maintain its cleanliness and make sure what you decorated on the wall matches the color of the design!

You can change the design anytime! Try more!

Save money, enjoy ,and make unique ,new things ! :)

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