DIY Tutorial for the Bina Brianca Wrap

DIY Tutorial for the Bina Brianca Wrap. Have you see this? It can be worn as a scarf, cardigan, poncho, blouse, shrug, stole, turtleneck, shoulder scarf, back wrap, tunic and headscarf.

Trendy and comfort clothing is a passion in all cultural serenities , Here is a wearing that is just amazing , it can be used as scarf, blouse, shrug, top , shoulder scarf, turtle neck , cardigan ,poncho , back wrap , Bina Brianca brings you a invention in top wearing with all in one product .the fittings and manufacturing is so made by having a comfort clothe which is broader in width and length extends till the waist .The borders are being uniformly cut and hemming in with double roller sewing .For the purpose of wearing make a shoulder and neck collar with thick border .Open it on either side at the top of stitched cloth in such a way both hands should get in comfortably ,Edges aster cutting must be even .

The dress after wearing acts like cloth foe protection, fashion and style and better suits with multiple legging types especially jeans .

Once you wear it you can fold it over the body whichever the way you want,. You can make it frilled, thickly folded, double folded to cover the top .

Well colors and combinations are wonderful ,image is juz an example , if you put it on shoulder it becomes  shoulder top, if it’s on chest it becomes scarf and cardigan .DIY has introduced this fashion with great passion to modeling, fancying , transcultural dress promotion .Why to think you can just get into the product through online or offline and make your dream come true

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