Crochet Baby Booties

When considering what to get for someone whom you know is expecting a baby, there are lots of ideas that come to mind. Of course every new mom needs diapers and receiving blankets, washcloths and onesies, but what about something that cannot necessarily be purchased? Sometimes those gifts are really more thoughtful and meaningful than others. For those who would rather make a gift instead of buying something that perhaps the soon-to-be mommy already has, crocheted baby booties are a great (and adorable) option!

The booties shown below are probably some of the cutest I have seen lately, with the bow on the top they are absolutely precious. But don’t feel constrained to only use this idea for someone who is having a baby girl. Switching out the pink yarn for blue or green and crocheting a little buckle or laces on the top would be a perfect alternative for a baby boy about to make his appearance in the world.

This particular pattern involves some crocheting in the round, unless you happen to crochet straight panels and attach the two in the front (but the former suggestion seems to be a tidier option). That being said, more advanced crocheters would have a headstart on this project, but it is definitely not limited to just those who have been crocheting for years.

Creating something like this for a small child is not only rewarding but something that will surely get its use from the baby. No momma wants their little one to have cold toes, and who could resist the look of something like this?

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