DIY Celtic Heart Knot Necklace

I’ve seen lots of different types of Celtic artwork around the Internet lately and this heart has got to by one of my favorites. It’s simple looking, but different enough to make a statement, which is what lots of today’s jewelry is turning to. Celtic art is not only beautiful but incredibly unique and using your own choice of colored rope/string can add the perfect personal touch to this necklace.

The steps look confusing at first glance, but gathering your materials together and following it step by step is actually pretty simple. The main trick is to pay close attention to where your pieces of rope tuck under to form the perfect loops. Celtic art is intricate and the knotted look of the necklace is what recreates the feel of that type of artwork.

Once you get the technique down, you can create more than just a necklace by using this tutorial. The heart design would make a cute anklet (people still wear those, right?) or a bracelet. The great part about making this with raw materials like rope is that you can wear it in all types of weather, or in the shower, and it won’t ruin or rust like metal would.

So, the next time you’d rather not go out and buy a necklace, take this tutorial and try to make your own! Your friends will be impressed and you’ll impress yourself by making something that looks hard to do (but really was super simple). Be prepared for others to ask you to make them one!

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