Cool Ways to Fold Money for Gifts

Most of the cases it is too much embracing for everyone to offer money to someone. But this can be solved by applying some common sense and techniques to make something unique to this money. The money can be changed into a good art form and then the art can be gift to the people to any party or in any invitation. This is a cool gift certainly which is enough sufficient to make smile to any ones face.

Money is not always the matter of evil for all time it is the main fact to make anyone smiley. This money can be given nice shape by making mans head. In a dollar there is a photo of president of the country, this face can be redecorate by folding this money.

First take money with having human face in it. Then try to fold it so that the other portion of the money instead of human face become just like a cap. Fold such a way that it looks like a cap is on the head of the human face. After finishing this work, the money looks like great and it seems that the president wears a cap on his head and it’s too cool and nice.

This is now prepared as a cool gift for the recipient who is going to get this amazing thing as a gift. I did this; hope you guys also try to make this funny and amazing thing to gift some one money as a gift.


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