Create a Door Hanger with Your First Initial and a Double Burlap Bow

Your front door is usually the first thing people see when they come to your house, so you’ll want it to look good and also make a personal statement about you. If you create a burlap bow and a door hanger with your initial, similar to the one pictured below, all of your neighbours will smile when they think of your house. Burlap is a resilient material which resists the damaging effects of rain and snow better than most other fabrics.  

Initial Door Hanger

All you’ll need to create the door hanger is a wooden initial (choose your first or last initial, whichever you prefer), and whatever you want to wrap around it (twine, yarn, fabric, etc.). A glue gun may also be helpful. Make sure you choose a color of twine, yarn, or fabric which is representative of your personality; you can even use multiple colors for the wrapping if you wish to. Anyhow, creating one of these hangers is rather simple. You must wrap your wrapping around your wooden letter. You may have to stop, cut your roll and start wrapping again with a new piece to get around all the nooks and crannies of the letter, depending on what your initial is. If you have to stop and get a new piece, or when you have finished the entire wrapping job, either tuck the end of your last piece into one of your previous folds, or glue the end down with a glue gun. Make sure you do either of these things on the back of your letter, so that the tucking and gluing cannot be seen from the front.

Double Burlap Bow

In order to create one of these, you’ll need at least one color of burlap (available at Wal-Mart or any fabric store), a pair of scissors, and a leaf rake. Note: the leaf rake makes it easier to keep the shape of the bow and knot it properly. Choose a burlap color which will look nice with the color of your initial door hanger.

  • Cut a piece of burlap three yards long. The width of the burlap you cut will depend on how wide you want your bow to be. If you want it to look like the one in the picture above, 8 to 10 inches will do.
  • Weave the burlap through the leaf rake four times, starting with “under” and finishing with “over.” Leave a tail when you start, as this will end up being one of the ends of your bow. Repeat this four more times, going back and forth across the leaf rake. When you finish, you will have another tail, which you should cut so it is approximately the same length as your first tail on the other side.
  • Cut a strip of burlap a little narrower than the ones you cut previously. Note: This can be of a different color, if you have more than one color. It doesn’t matter how long this one is, as long as it is long enough to tie around the leaf rake. Bring the ends of this strip through the leaf rake from underneath, and tie them in the middle, on top of your bow.
  • Pull the material off the leaf rake—I guarantee it’ll actually look like a bow. It will be a bit scrunched up, so you will have to spread the fabric out a bit. Cut off excess threads so the bow will look nicer.
  • If you want the tails of the bow to look like upside-down chevrons, put the tails together and cut them diagonally, moving downward and to the left.

Tip: Burlap comes in many different colors, so you can make a second bow in red or green and change it at Christmas, if you wish. 

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