Front Door Floral Plants + Expensive-Looking Vases = Good Mood Setter

Floral plants is one of the loveliest decor that never fails to amaze. The beauty that it brings is so natural and effortless. The view of the flowers are very graceful to the eyes. They never fail to set us into a good mood. So, do you think it is a good idea to place some of it beside your front door to set a good mood on you and your visitors? Heck, absolutely yes!

But be careful to overdecorate, because it is better if you will keep it plain and simple. Just like the one shown in the picture, the house owner chose to use a vase that is very tall yet very simple. It also looks so elegant. If you select the right vase for your front door flowers, then it will contribute to the mood-setter character of the floral plants. Tall vases are actually a good selection; tall vases will make the flowers to be noticed easily.

At the first glance on the vases, you will think of it as an expensive item. But if you will take a closer look, you will notice that it is only made of smoothly finished wood painted with dark gray pigment. Why spend a lot like a hundred dollars, if you can make it by yourself and spend as less as a quarter of a hundred bucks, or smaller. It is just a matter of creative tweaking and exploration of possibilities.

Overall, this is a brilliant idea. An elegant, captivating, mood-setting front door floral plants held by tall, expensive-looking, make-it-your-own vases.

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