Make Your Own Abstract Painting

One of the most common wall art decor is the painting. A beautiful home usually has paintings on its interior wall. Paintings are being bid during art auctions, and are paid for a very high price, as in, extremely high price. Well, you do not have to pay millions of dollars to dress up your walls with lovely paintings. Believe it or not, even with a little, or absolutely no talent in painting or drawing, you can create your own artistic work.

This abstract painting is very pleasing to the eyes. Even though it pictures nothing in particular, you will appreciate its beauty. Obscurity at its finest. It is just like the colors are playing around in your sight, and different indistinct figures are formed with them. It looks like smoke, big ocean waves, human faces, rose petals and dark sky combined in one painting even though they are not all connected with each other, but still the beauty is undeniable.

To tell you the truth, this is just a canvas randomly painted with different colors and then dripped in water. After the canvas dried up, this is the result. Pretty, right? Well, since you already know the secret to create a work of art without needing the ability to paint or draw, you might consider making your own!

Why would you have to spend millions, if you can make one by just spending less than a hundred bucks? The price difference is dramatically high, but the amount of beauty and wonder is towering up at the same level. If you like challenge to create unique art by yourself you might need few materials. You can easily purchase two simple items through online here Artist Texture Painting Set,   Acrylic Paint 36-Piece Set. Try it and create you own art!


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