DIY Body Painting

All those of you who are into body modifications – body painting is the easiest , fastest and safest way there is. While tattoos are permanent, body painting allows you to experiment with different designs on your body, all of which will wash away with soap and water when you need it to.

There are many products that will let you achieve the effects seen in the picture. For best results we recommend you wash and dry the area you want to work on first. Shaving/waxing the region may also be necessary.

Markers work well, but most are toxic so you should be careful which you use. Water-color paint sticks and crayons are the best medium for younger children and for face painting. Dip the tip of the crayon in a little water, or rub a wet brush on the paint stick and you are ready to paint.

Tempera paints may be used, but tend to flake and peel off when they dry, so you’re usually better off using something else. Airbrush makeup the best body medium to use and brings terrific results, but it’s also the most expensive and usually only used by professionals and performers. The actors in the musical Cats use airbrush makeup. Henna is a natural plant dye that can be applied to the skin in small quantities. Once dry the henna can be removed and will leave a temporary tattoo on the skin. Unfortunately it only comes in a reddish brown color, and isn’t easy to remove, although it will fade in a few days.

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