Homemade modge podge recipe

This recipe comes from one of my friend. Every one knows modge podge is types of glue. You can buy it at Amazon or any of local store price is around $11. But here I am going to share how to make a modge podge by myself. It is not complicate at all really simple method and easy to do. With a little effort you can easily save the money which you really spend on the glues.The picture shows the output of recipe.

Material required:
You will need the following things to make your own modge podge:
One. Sauce pan
Two. Stove
Three. One and a half cup of flour
Four. Quarter cup of sugar
Five. Few drops of oil
Six. A spoon
Seven. A mason jar or airtight container
Eight. Water
How to make:

The method to make the modge podge in the home is very simple. Takes a saucepan and put it on the heat (on the stove). Now it is time to put the ingredients in the heated pan, so add the one and a half cups flour, a quarter cup of sugar, one cup water and a few drops of oil. If you want higher varnish you can add more oil. Mix all the components to make sure that the solution is well merged. One thing, if you want to make more modge podge then you should add more flour and water. Mix up all your ingredients on medium to low heat for 3 to 8 minutes. One thing keep in mind that not to boil the mixture. Mix them carefully. If you are done with heating and mixing part, let it cool at the room temperature. Take your mason jar or other airtight container and put the mixture in it. So now your modge podge is ready at home. Do try it home and get and tell your friends  to save the money.

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