Brown Paper Bag Floors

Brown paints and colors, especially in flooring are moving up on the ladder of uniqueness and beauty. What is the reason behind the liking? The nature loving or eco-friendly people love the color of wood. Not only the Eco friendly people but almost everybody want to get away from the man made or artificial things and live as much close to the nature as possible. So people love to prefer the flooring in brown color which give the effect of natural wood.

If you want to get rid of the carpet or want to give a different place to a certain place in your house then brown paper flooring can be a great idea. You can do the brown paper flooring for only stairs or complete , balcony or a room. If you have the pets then the brown paper flooring is more advisable as the animals can make the carpet dirty. By following the simple steps given below you can make the floor as shown in the picture.
One. Get the measurement and arrange the brown package papers. getting the brown paper from a wholesale rate store is a better option.
Two. Get the best quality glue which should last long.
Three. Now start painting the floor and cut the brown papers of the maximum length. You need to a make sure that you put as much less joints as possible. You can mix some water with the glue to make it a little dilute. When you are over with pasting the paper, let the floor dry up completely.

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