If you are planning to celebrate your daughter, s birthday party or any other family party then presenting your little girl with a cute fairy tutu can be a great idea. Currently kids love wearing the cute little tutu.

The figure given below shows a beautiful tutu. You must be thinking AHHHHH!  It will be too expensive. You will be amazed to know that the cute little tutu (which is shown in the picture) can be prepared at home.

The things which you need to prepare the fairy tutu are as follows;
One. The reel of tulle (select different colors as shown in the picture above as well).
Two.  Ribbon. (Take the measurement of your girl and then decide on the length. Just look the picture given above you will come to know exactly where to use the ribbon and on how much length.
Three. Hot glue and some glue dots.
Coming over to the preparation part. Just make the rolls of different colors and place all of them separately. Now you can take a ribbon or cotton to make the waist of the tutu.

Stitch all the parts together in an order, as shown in the picture. If you know a little about the art of sewing, making the beautiful fairy tutu, is a fun. You can use simple cotton to make the same type of tutu. You can add or subtract as per your choice and style to make the tutu more attractive. You can add the beads as well. I assure you that you  that your cute little girl will love the fairy tutu.

Here is video how to make TUTU lovely dress.


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