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If you are planning to celebrate your daughter, s birthday party or any other family party then presenting your little girl with a cute fairy tutu can be a great idea. Currently kids love wearing the cute little tutu.

The figure given below shows a beautiful tutu. You must be thinking AHHHHH!  It will be too expensive. You will be amazed to know that the cute little tutu (which is shown in the picture) can be prepared at home.

2674bcb6e2363b06ade648feda836b86 DIY tutu. FREAKING LOVE THIS.
The things which you need to prepare the fairy tutu are as follows;
One. The reel of tulle (select different colors as shown in the picture above as well).
Two.  Ribbon. (Take the measurement of your girl and then decide on the length. Just look the picture given above you will come to know exactly where to use the ribbon and on how much length.
Three. Hot glue and some glue dots.
Coming over to the preparation part. Just make the rolls of different colors and place all of them separately. Now you can take a ribbon or cotton to make the waist of the tutu.

Stitch all the parts together in an order, as shown in the picture. If you know a little about the art of sewing, making the beautiful fairy tutu, is a fun. You can use simple cotton to make the same type of tutu. You can add or subtract as per your choice and style to make the tutu more attractive. You can add the beads as well. I assure you that you  that your cute little girl will love the fairy tutu.

Here is video how to make TUTU lovely dress.



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14 Comments on "DIY tutu. FREAKING LOVE THIS."

  1. Shar Johnson says:

    Can you give me any more instructions than what’s offered? I THINK I can figure it out, but it’s SO much easier. What WIDTH is the TULLE and how wide a piece to you cut? How WIDE is the RIBBON and much of each color does it take? How many TUBES do you use? How did you sew the waistband?

    I’m full of questions, aren’t I? My granddaughter is 7 years old (small for her age) would this fit her?

    Thank you SO much for any help you can give me!

  2. Deborah says:

    I agree with Shar. I love the idea but there is so much missing in instructions. What’s a “tube” of tulle? What “order as shown”? What do you sew? Lengths? Widths? Where does the glue come in?

    I would love to make this, and feel sure I could, but since I haven’t done anything like this in the past I would really need more specifics.


  3. mirna says:

    I feel more confused now after reading your instructions. Sorry, buthow do you get it to roll and stay like that..?

    • Linda says:

      You roll each section of tulle separately… you decide if each roll will be thin or thick by how “wide” you make each section… 12″ wide may be too much or too little, it depends on the height & width of each child… the length may be 12″ or less… experiment with old material, hand towels, rags, etc. to get the feel for the look you want.

  4. Linda says:

    There is about 12″ per each roll of tulle & ribbon for the bottom of the rolled tulle… there is about 20 rolls of tulle on the bottom row & I’d make 22 rolls for the top row BUT make the top row about 1″ to 2″ shorter then the inside (bottom) row… this will make it fuller & brighter!!!

  5. Amber says:

    Love that you give instructions for this type of tutu! How are the tubes connected at the top? Knotted, sewn flat or both? Do you hot glue the ribbon on? Thank you!!

  6. mommy says:

    You can buy the same one here if you don’t have the time, or unable to read the instructions.

  7. Jane says:

    This picture is from someone selling on etsy. This blog post is not from the person that actually made the tutu.

  8. Kristen says:

    Hi there. This photo is mine and you did not have permission to use it. Please remove asap.

    Also, the directions are completely wrong. Next time use your own photos to illustrate your ideas.

    • Shar says:

      My granddaughter is BEGGING me to make this adorable tutu for her. Where can I find/buy the directions????? I already purchased the tulle and ribbon and am more than ready to get started! THANK YOU!

  9. Espie says:

    Can I just pay for one and you can make me one and send it to me?

  10. Ashra says:

    please cud u make 1 for me. i’l pay 4 evry thin. I want 2 dress it 4 my little girls bday

  11. Rhiannan says:

    Hi Linda

    Could you please explain to me how to fasten the tubes to the ribbon on the waist

    Thank you

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