Glow sticks xylophone

The glow sticks are easily available at the dollar store. Some time once using the stuff that is available for a dollar or even lesser expansive store, demands something else from you. Just see the picture given below and you will exactly understand the what I am saying. Generally the things bought from the lesser expensive stores demand more attention. It is very important that how you use the glow stick xylophone. The figure given above can give you easy and one of the simplest yet cutest and excellent way of using the glow stick xylophone. You need some xylophone sticks , water and crystal glasses. The aura will off in the dark with the awesome colors, as shown in the picture.

People who have used the glow stick xylophone earlier will have one observation. The observations are that, though these sticks are easily available in the stores. But these sticks do not last long. So you can use these lesser expansive sticks for just a few occasions. But I have the solution for this problem. If you place the sticks in the refrigerator to cool down , they will last long.

This project will not look a do it yourself project but if you just give a little deliberation then you will come to know that you can use the idea in addition to the other lighting especially the outdoor lighting. You can use in the outdoor parties and use them in addition to out door fire place. You can change the glasses with fancy jars. Add and subtract to make the glow stick xylophone.

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