Fabric bins from cardboard boxes.

Baskets are very useful in our routine life. If you want to give a neat and a clean look to any place then, use the baskets. You cannot place everything in the wardrobe. In this post I will give you a simple recipe to make the homemade baskets. With other accessories. You can find many baskets on the market. You can create your own baskets. Creating your own is fun. You can use the baskets for placing the dirty cloths or toys of your kids. You use the basket to store various kitchen items in the baskets. Everyone likes the basket because they are so pretty and offer you a great storage for many things.

You will need:
One. Fabric
Two. Cardboard box
Three. Hot glue
Four. Ribbon
Five. Pencils
Six. Scissors
How to make the baskets:
First of all, iron the fabric or paper. Place the printed side down on smooth surfaces. Place your box in the center of the paper. You need to place it in a way that paper is distributed equally on all sides. Make sure that your fabric is big as compare to box. Then draw lines from the each corner of the box to create a big cross on the fabric. Then cut the one inch fabric outside the lines, you have drawn. Fold the fabric over the box. Now you’re going to wrap the box in the fabric. Drop the hot glue everywhere and place it where you traced it before as well. Pull the fabric up. Press the top parts over the edge and into the inside of the box. Add the handle made up of old clothes to make the basket, easy to handle.

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