Make a natural spider killer or preventer!

If you are allergic of insect like me. If the insect bothers you a lot then this blog post is especially meant for you. There are some certain conditions and weather which help the insects to grow. As we know that insect are not only injurious to health but they bother the kids a lot. There are few insects which will create trouble for you even if you have touched them unintentionally. The spider is among the insect which bothers almost everybody especially the women and girls.
In this blog post I will give you a formula to make the natural spider killer. You need not to buy anything extra. The ingredients are the ones which we normally use in our routine life.

All you need to make the natural insect killer are as follows;
One. Vinegar.
Two. Cayenne pepper.
Three. Soap.
Four. Oil.
The steps involved in making the natural insect killer or preventive formula are as follows;
One. To make the mixture of one cup vinegar, one cup of pepper powder , one teaspoon of oil and  the liquid soap.
Two. Put all the mixture in the spray bottles which we generally use for the dusting.
Three. If there are lots of spiders and you think that they cannot be controlled by the spray then you can wash the floor with the mixture.
Normally we spend the lot of money on the chemicals but still we do not get the required results. By using this homemade formula, your expenditure will be zero and the outcome or output will be remarkably better than expansive insect killers.

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