Manicure in a jar – cute Christmas present ideas!

Manicure in a jar – cute Christmas present ideas! Readily available gifts are expansive and a repetition of the ideas. If you want to show the love from the core of your heart then I have a great idea for you. This gift is especially for your baby girl because it is adorable, useful and cute. The photo given below is a self-explanatory, still I will tell you some easy steps which help you to make the beautiful manicure in a jar, gift. Ladies if you are looking to make the aforementioned gift then note down the material required to make the gift.

The materials required as follows;
One. Jar
Two. Nail polish and little bottle of polish remover
Three. Hand cream
Four. Cotton button
Five.  Glue
Six. Scissors.
Seven. Cotton.
Eight. Nail file, clippers
Nine. Wrapping paper
The simplest procedure to make the awesome gift is as follows;
Take the carton and make small ball then put them in the jar. Put the nail polish and lipstick remover inside. Drop everything else inside. Put the top on the jar. It is done and you’re ready to decorate it. Take a wrapping paper and make a flower and  add some glitters. If your flower will be done then use  felted flower to place them on the top of the jar. You can also add ribbon around the jar. The procedure is just a simple. You add or subtract to make it more beautiful and attractive. You can add or subtract some crystal beads and ribbons to make the gift beautiful. When you are presenting the gift on Christmas, then add a ribbon related to the Christmas.

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