Best blanket stitch

Blanket stitch is one of the most strong and adorable stitch. When we see to it then we may thing that it is too strong and will be very difficult to make. Most of the women think that the blanket stitch is difficult. If you want to learn this awesome stitch then this post is for you as in this post I will explain you how easy it is to make  the afghan or blanket stitch. The figure given below shows that how the afghan or blanket stitch look like.

The blanket or afghan style is achieved as follows,
One. Make the foundation row with the multiple of three chains. Once we talk about the one chain then it is the twelve repetitions.
Two. Now make the double crochet in the number three chain from the hook.
Three. In third step leave the second chain and make one SC in the next chain.
Four. Make two double crochet in the same chain.
Five. Repeat the above mentioned steps from I ending with I sc in the last ch, turn.
Six. Now you need to again skip the next double chain, make one single chain and two double chain and in the next single chain.
Seven.Repeat the process across the ending with one single chain in the top of the number two chain.
If you know the basics of crochet I believe you would have learned at least bit about the blanket chain.The blanket stitch is simple, adorable, smooth and beautiful.It will not give look of traditional crochet techniques.

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