A cute little note book

Hi friends! Are you ready to learn something new and some thing exciting.I hope yes.Do you love to keep a note-book with you. A little note-book can be very useful.You can take the short hand notes of your boss,s instruction.You can use this note-book to note different cooking recipes.You can take the cute little note-book to the grosser store so that you should not miss any thing.The photo given below shows a cute little note-book.In this post i will tell you how we can make such an attractive and stylish note-book at home.

Material required. We do not need a long list of the material to make this cute little note-book.What all we need is some designer paper cards which are readily available in the market. Make a die for the note-book, as shown in the picture are place all the papers in order and draw the design.You can select the design of the note-book at your own.If you are making the note-book for kids then you can use a different set of colors. Cut through the die with a great care to maintain smoothness and softness of the corners of paper.Use the puncher to make the hole at one side.A twenty five to thirty page little cute note-book is preferred because it will be easy to make it cute. Make a beautiful design with the beads or the clips as shown in the picture as well.I hope by now you will able to learn that how you can create such a lovely note-book.

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