Different types of leaves of beads

Different types of leaves of beads of the apparel works of needlework are beadwork. A bead is a material which has no limit in choice of color and shapes.    Handmade craft refers to the making of something decorative or more beautiful with experience and aesthetic skills.  Beadwork is often used as a creative hobby. Leaves made from beads looks gorgeous. Beaded leaves come in many shapes and sizes and they are easy to make. You can make them easily and it will take almost no times. You will really have a fun. Beaded eaves can be used in many different ways like clothes, purses, hair accessories etc.

This is a very easy and simple technique, which can be handled by a beginner. Today we will learn how to make leaves of beautiful beads at home with your own hands.
For creation of wonderful beaded leaves, you need

One. Beads of different colors.
Two. Wire
Three. Thread
Four. Scissor
Five. A  wire cutter

Choose a  wire OF adequate thickness and the beads such that the wire is passed through the hole of the beads. You can select a wire with you can make different shapes and designs. They do not require a particular equipment. With a little training, you can make the different types of beaded leaves. These can be put in a vase and can be used in hairs. You can create a stylish hair piece or pin. The figure given above is just a guide mine. You can add and subtract to make the beaded leaves more attractive.

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