Free Pattern: Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Harry Potter sorting hat is very popular among the kids. In cold whether it becomes a difficult job for mothers to convince the kids to wear the hats. In  this post I will tell you a simple recipe to make a beautiful harry potter sorting hat in a small time. The method to prepare a beautiful sorting hat as shown in the figure is pretty simple. The procedure is as follows;

One: First of all measure the size of the head.
Two: By using the protractor, on the boxes which are generally used for packing different goods.
Three: Use the cutter or a knife to cut the box.
Four: You can design the harry potter sorting hat, as shown in the figure.
Five: Use the duct taping to make different designs and bend the cone.
Best thing about a sorting hat is that first of all you make the desired design and then start sewing. Select a different color for boys and girls. If you are making the hat for the boy then select the colors like dark brown, gray. For baby girls you can select the pink, red etc. Colors. Even if you make a simple cone shape hat once it will bend down it will make awesome designs. The figure shows a simple cone-shaped hat but once it is placed at different places, it makes a different design every time. You can add multicolored, beads and buttons to make the hat more attractive. This post is a broad guideline for housewives who love sweing. You can add more styles and designs to make the hat more cute.

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