Gift Bows

Have you ever try in this way to decorate your packages before? This is DIY rapping ideas. This is very simple and beautiful method of tying the bow to the packages. The figure given below is just an example. You can select the bow and the packages of your own liking. You can use the techniques on the ties, napkin and girl flowers etc.. Different bows are meant for different occasions. For example a pyramid bow at the back of the chair on the events like weddings, birthday parties, can be a great idea.

The figure or photo given above shows that how we can tie the pyramid bow. In this post I will briefly explain the method  and will teach you how easy it is to tie your packages with a pyramid bow. The sequence starts from the left .Just place the package on the ribbon as shown on the leftmost picture. Then fold the ribbon back and turn it over as shown in the middle package of the figure. Tie the notch. At the end, cut the corners to make an excellent design. It is said that first impression is the last expression. So once you will present the gift with a beautiful ribbon then it would multiply the preciousness of the gift. The pyramid bow is one of the most loveable bows and it is very easy to learn. Just one or two practices will make you an expert to tie the bow. Add beaded pins and small flowers to make the package more beautiful.

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