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How to Make Bows

Bows and ribbons like these make a nice decoration for a present, since they look so fancy! The great thing about it is that it’s very easy and inexpensive to make! Today, we’re going to learn how to make them with things you probably already have inside the house.


Ribbons – The more, the merrier! It’s best if you can find a bunch with complementary colors and patterns. You can even match them to whatever occasion the gift is for! Pastel colors work very nicely for spring, pale colors for winter, bright colors for spring, and deep reds and browns for autumn! You can also select them depending on the recipient’s favorite color! Ideally, you’d have ribbons of two sizes: regular ones for most of the decoration, and thin ones for the middle centerpiece.


Select your first ribbon, which will serve as your base, and fold it so that it looks like a four leaf clover. Glue the ends at the very center, then leave it to dry for a few minutes. Then make a bigger four leaf clover underneath that, and glue them at the center as well. This time though, make sure that the two ends of the ribbon flair out in a nice diagonal cross! You can keep adding more if you want the bow to look more elaborate, but this should do nicely. Then you can cut the regular-sized ribbons and glue them into alternating diagonal crosses so your bow looks nice and pretty. Lastly, for the centerpiece, soak the thin ribbons into a mix of water and glue, then wrap them around a pencil and blowdry it so they keep their shape. Glue them into the center, and your bow is complete!