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A great Arts and Crafts Activity Using Ceramic Plates and Sharpies

Have you ever wanted to do something creative with your kids but don’t know how? This article will show you how to help your children express their creativity with safe, hassle free fun using cermamic plates and sharpie pens.

For this activity, you’ll be needing white ceramic plates (you can get them at your local supermarket or the dollar store), a set of different colored sharpie pens and an oven. Make sure you have the WHITE ceramic plates and not any other variant. This will make the drawings easier to see. The more colors of sharpie pens you have, the better.

Have your children draw whatever they want on the ceramic plates. You can bring along pieces of scrap paper where they can practice if they’re not confident enough yet to start on the plates. Be sure to help and guide them with that they’re doing. Offer encouragement and minor tips on their drawings- but don’t be too restrictive. Let them have their fun.

Once they’re done with their drawings, its time to pre-heat the oven to 360 degrees. Why? Because we’re gonna use the oven to imprint the drawings onto the plates and make them permanent. ┬áBake the ceramic plates for 20 to 30 minutes and let them cool. And now you have customized designs on your plates that won’t get erased easily. Display it around your kitchen, living room, or the dining room for maximum effect. Its safe enough to eat on, too, if you want. (I’d rather display my work or art rather than eat on it; but, hey, whatever floats your boat)