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DIY Macramé Tank Top

This right here is a macramé tank top, macramé being the art of making something with knots. They used to be hugely popular in the 70s – being a staple of the hippy scene. If you’re looking for a retro look, or if you’re trying to spruce up your outfit with something that’ll really stand out, this is what you need.

Today we’ll show you how to make one of these. You’ll need an oversized tank top and some scissors. You could also do this with an oversized t-shirt, but that requires some extra sewing so it’s worth avoiding that.

First trim off the hem at the bottom to leave you with a raw bottom hem. Then measure how high up you want the fringe to go. Ideally you want the fringe to stop a little way below the bra line. That makes it easy to wear with a normal bra. Also remember that it will tear up higher with use, so you should leave room for that too. Mark the line with chalk.

Next determine how many strips you want, and measure and mark them on the shirt. We used 1/4” wide strips here.  Be sure to have an even number of strips as otherwise you’d be left with a single dandling lonely strip later on.

Cut the strips carefully along the lines you drew. You don’t want uneven or frazzled strips for this. Then begin knotting as shown in the picture above. Hold the right strip taut and take the left strip and loop it through itself. Do the same thing twice and you get a neat little knot. Pair every strand with its neighboring one, then crisscross the strands and knot them again. Some of the strands will end up in uneven lengths, so just trim off any excess with the scissors.

Do any of you remember macramé tops from the 70s. How did you use your macramé tops, what did you wear it with? Let us know in the comments below.