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DIY Substitutes for Shower Curtain Hooks

As we all know, shower curtains are great. They keep our bathrooms in order by keeping the wetness contained where it belongs. Without it, our bathrooms will become drenched wasteland that is a nightmare to anyone who has experienced cleaning a bathroom. It also acts as a psychological shield that makes you more comfortable while showering. This article shows you how you can customize your shower curtains’ hook by replacing them with ribbons fashioned out of cloth strips.

Conventionally, shower curtains are held in place by circular plastic hooks. These are the ones that make the iconic sound whenever you move the shower curtains. Although to some that sound is tolerable, some people find it abrasive and irritating. You can replace the hooks with strips of cloth made into ribbons. Why into a ribbon instead of a knot? Because that makes it easier to remove if you need to take down the curtain for cleaning. Simply put tie the cloth strip in place of every hook, and once you have replaced everything, make sure that the shower curtain is securely in place. The finished product will look similar to the image below:

This substitute for the hooks make the shower curtains more quiet and easier to take off when you want to clean your shower curtain. And it also prolongs the life of your shower curtain, as the cloth strips stress the curtains less than the plastic conventional hooks. Just make sure to pick the right color for your shower curtain ribbons; find a color that compliments the curtain’s motif.